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Mental Health

Do you or someone you know suffer from untreated mental illness? Help is available.

Statistics suggest that although one in four Americans will develop a mental health issue at some point in their lives, only about 60 percent seek treatment. Whether due to a lack of resources or funding, these figures are alarming, but sometimes preventable.

Consolidated Care (CCI) provides a range of mental health services for adults, children and families.

While the majority of eligible individuals participate in outpatient therapy, others may qualify for case management, crisis support and psychiatric services. Mental health services focus on developing coping skills and empowering individuals to live fulfilling, meaningful lives.

Consolidated Care utilizes proven treatment protocols that offer evidence-based outcomes including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). Our areas of specialty include military issues, domestic violence, sexual assault and trauma.

As part of ongoing support, we offer outreach classes and education on various self-coping strategies. To learn more about classes and coping methods, visit our Prevention and Education page.

Connecting clients to community resources

Our goal is to help each of our clients to a bright new beginning. To aid this process, we have expanded our Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST) services to link clients to community resources and guide them through the process until they are empowered to go on their own.

When effectively treated, individuals with mental illness can live productive, fulfilling lives. Consolidated Care can guide the path to recovery. Call 1-800-465-8065 today.

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