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Domestic Violence

Are you being abused?

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence includes domestic abuse, spousal abuse, intimate partner violence, battering, or family violence. It is a pattern of coercive behavior which involves violence or other forms of abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. Domestic violence can take place in heterosexual and same-sex family relationships.  Domestic violence can involve violence against children in the family or violence against a roommate. Other destructive abuses usually occur in the relationship such as economic, mental, emotional, sexual, verbal, and power and control tactics.

New Directions and Soteria services include:

• Logan County shelter
• Legal advocacy
• Court accompaniment
• Individual counseling
• Crisis intervention
• Safety planning
• Linkage and referral to community resources
• Community education and outreach

New Directions of CCI

New Directions of Consolidated Care is a family-centered violence intervention program for domestic violence and sexual assault victims in Logan and Champaign Counties. On February 29th, 2016 we opened the first domestic violence shelter in Logan County to victims and their families. New Directions of Consolidated Care named the new shelter Soteria, which is Greek for “Spirit of safety and Deliverance from harm”.

Soteria House

The new Soteria House is open to all victims of domestic violence and sexual assault of any gender or race, from any city, county or state. It provides free, temporary housing where victims/survivors and their children have a safe place to live, heal, recover, and thrive.

Soteria is a 24-hour shelter that provides additional security to the victim and children with an undisclosed location, where immediate basic needs are provided such as food, clothing, and important personal items. Soteria offers crisis intervention, case management, advocacy, and counseling to support their general well-being and mental and emotional needs.

Soteria also provides linkage to resources with other agencies that include medical, housing, education, employment opportunities, and other social services for successful self-sustainment.

Domestic violence situations are often complicated. Please feel free to contact us for consultation and intake.

What is legal advocacy?

The Legal Advocate provides families information and emotional support about their legal options to protect themselves from domestic violence or sexual assault. Victims learn about court proceedings, how to complete protection orders, how to obtain an attorney, and information on victim’s rights, victim crime compensation, and the VINE program.  The legal advocate will accompany the victim to court and provide transportation if needed. These services are free.

For additional information on domestic violence resources in Ohio:

“I didn’t think everything I had been through was domestic violence. Thank you so much for giving me hope and a new start.”

For help with a violence free life call 1-877-394-1046.

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