Crisis Hotline: 1-800-224-0422

  Contact : 1-800-465-8065


Do you or someone you know need help breaking the cycle of addiction?

Whether court-ordered or voluntary, establishing a recovery program from substance dependence helps individuals return to productive lives and improve family relationships.

The therapy professionals of Consolidated Care (CCI) are experienced substance abuse counselors who are trained in proven treatment protocols to help people get their lives back on track.

Addiction services include:

• Assessments
• Individual counseling
• Group counseling
• Intensive outpatient program
• Case management
• Medication-assisted treatment
• Crisis intervention
• Outreach
• Intervention
• Urinalysis

“I didn’t think I had a problem when I was court-ordered to treatment at CCI. When I finally realized I had a problem, I started my recovery plan and made changes so I can have a better life.”

Your path to recovery begins with a phone call. Call 1-800-465-8065.

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